Guessing numbers

This is the first game I have published on actionscript, and also it is my first project where I play with coding an AI.

The game has two parts: in the first one, the computer challenges the player to guess a random number generated by the computer.

But the interesting part is the second one: in this one, the computer has memory, and it is used to discard the wrong numbers from the list of possible numbers the player could have though.

You can try the game here.

Meeting Room Manager

A project for the subject “Programming Fundamentals” at the UNED.

meeting room manager, main screen

This application stores a set of reservations, displays dinamically generated calendar, and shows all reservations of the month asked by the user.

calendar for meeting room manager

As you can see, it’s just a console application.

In there, you can save any date you want, identify the date with a name, erase a date, or list all dates you have saved for a specified month.

Download the app if you want to give it a try



Company: Protecnator LTD


Craft all HTML5 code
Craft all CSS3 code
Domain’s redirection to company’s servers

Special features:

Responsive design (visit the web in your smartphone!)

Java RType
RType for java, sample image

That was a project for the subject “Object Oriented Programming” at the UNED.

That was my first project on Java (I had developed some projects on Java for Android, but that’s not the same experience). Thanks to that subject I got deeper into the fundamentals of inheritance; also I learnt the swing and awt Java libraries, which were requiered by this subject to be used to develop the UI part of the project.

Html code generator: a quick select generator
selectgenerator sample image

I created this application when I was developing a web page. I needed to write the code for a slider in a registration form but I found that it could be frustrating if I pretended to write all the code related of each year I wanted to insert as option of the slider.

For that reason, I asked myself if it couldn’t be possible to have a program which made all the dull task instead of me, so I said: let’s do it!. And that’s the result.

I just have to write the beginning number of the number’s list I want, then the ending number of the list (included) and optionally, the name I want to give to the slider (select’s name). Then only lefts to push the generate button, and the program writes in html code a slider ready to be copy-pasted to our .html document.

Do you want a copy? Download it here.

Python's Poker Assistant
poker assistant in python, sample image

Occasionally I like to play poker online, so as a personal project I decided to develop a python module that could help me in my games.

This module has a function which gathers the amount of chips the player has, and the cost of the minimun bet (”big blind”). In exchage, it tells the player in which phase of the game the player is, so the player could decide how to adjust his bets.

You can download the module here.

In order to try it, you will need a Python GUI, which you can download from the following site: