I am the piece you need to complete your project. I can design your web or your game, I can create its contents, and I can develop the code. But if you want, I can manage the whole project by myself. Do you need a web for your business? or maybe do you have an idea about what could be a great game? I can create them for you!

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I work with Android, C++, C#, Java, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Python and ActionScript. My favourite software for creating animations are Flash CS5 (for 2D) and Blender (for 3D). For 3D modelling, I prefer to combine Sculptris, Sketchup and Blender. And for the contents, well, I have the avail of my degree in Psychology and my Certificate in Advanced English given by the University of Cambridge.


Luis Criado San Miguel (or silvestre00, as he is known at forums like mochimedia.com) is a spanish psychologist who currently works as a freelancer, making translations from English to Spanish, creating content for apps, coding, creating webs, or making whatever the customer need at every moment is needed.

But he never has done anything without the support of the essential knowledge:

He entered at programming world by teaching himself ActionScript, and soon he found that studying a software engineering degree would allow him to learn better paths to solve his programming tasks; so he decided to enroll himself at UNED (Spanish university which provides its knowledge through distance learning). His aim to make every one of his creations cool and fun made him to try design software like Fireworks, Illustrator, Flash, Sketchup, and Blender. Finally, his English level is recognized as ‘advanced’ by an institution such the University of Cambridge, as he holds the ‘Certificate in Advanced English’ provided by that university.

As the most of boys of the late 1980’s, he is fanatic of good games, and he knows how these games can play as great motivators, specially among teenagers; this knowledge, combined with the aim of helping people that every psychologist has, have awaken his interest on creating games which really help people to develop their inner skills.


Full Name: Luis Criado San Miguel

Date of Birth: 27/04/1986

ID card: 07968533E

Adress: Calle Carmelitas, 61 63, floor 2º dcha. Salamanca (Salamanca) 37002

Contact Number: 660 259 846/923 218 742

E-mail: Psicolcsm@gmail.com


Oracle Certified Associate: Java SE 7 programmer

Currently studying the degree of software engineering at UNED (Universidad de Educación a Distancia).

Degree in psychology, obtained at Universidad Pontificia of Salamanca (Spain) on October 2nd of 2009 with an end mark of grade B (Licenciado en Psicología por la Universidad Pontificia de Salamanca obtenido el 2 de Octubre de 2009 con calificación final de notable). (nº colegiado CL- 3299)

PhD in Behavioural Therapy and Personality Disorders obtained at León (Spain) on September 15th of 2011 (Máster en Terapia Conductual y Trastornos de la Personalidad, obtenido en León, a 15 de Junio de 2011, y reconocido por el Colegio Oficial de Psicólogos de Castilla y León).


English: C1 level. CAE (certificate in advanced English) given by Cambridge University.

Spanish: Native.

Work Experience:

Design and programming (on Html5 and CSS3) of the web http://www.protecnator.co.uk . Hired by Protecnator Ltd.


“Digital Marketing, basic course”, credited by Google, iab (Interactive Advertising Bureau) and Actívate. (Curso básico de Márketing Digital). Obtained on March of 2014

“CS101, Introduction to Computing Principles”, obtained on June of 2012, and offered by Nick Parlante (Lecturer in Computer Science, Stanford University).

“Introduction to Artificial Inteligence" (advance track) credited by Sebastian Thrun (professor of computer science and electrical engineering at Stanford University, and director of the Stanford AI Lab) and Peter Norvig(Google’s research director). Obtained on December 21th, of 2011

More than 865 formation hours related to psychology.

Contact Section

You can contact with me through e-mail, phone, Whatsapp, Line, and Skype.(But if you prefer other one not listed here, just tell me and I’ll do my best to satisfy your preferences)

e-mail: luisdeveloper@outlook.com

Skype: pendragon44@hotmail.com

phone: (+34) 660 259 846

Whatsapp: (+34) 660 259 846

Line: (+34) 660 259 846

Also you can find me on Elance.com:


If you prefer to be traditional, or for whatever any other reason, you want to know my adress, you will find it below:

First name: Luis

Last name: Criado San Miguel

City: Salamanca

Province: Salamanca

Country: Spain

Address: Paseo Carmelitas, 61, 2º dcha

Postcode: 37002